Workload Analysis


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Prep Work

Step 1. We begin with your OCM, Organization of Course Material document for a course, workshop or lesson. Determine your course structure; you should see a reoccuring pattern. It should be consistant throughout the course. If you have lesson plans for each topic you are well on your way to organizing your content. There are many ways to this, the key is to determine how long you think each item will take so we can fill out the course workload worksheet. I use a design book for each course, compiling and organizing as I build my content. Consider the following components and what you need for each: a. Objectives: These will help you stay on track b. Introduction: Does not have to be long, you can always add to it as you prepare for the live class, give a time estimate, c. Readings, how many pages; easy, medium , or hard readings d. Presentations, how many slides; video: time e. Review activities, estimate time f. Discussions initial posting time; reading peer postings time, response time g. Assignments: Quiz/test count items; major paper construction, topic selection time, outine time, Bibliography time, draft time, polished paper; math questions, how many and time per question, etc.

Organization of Course Materials, OCM

a.	Objectives b.	Introduction c.	Readings d.	Presentations e.	Review activities f.	Discussions g.	Assignments