Workshops under development

Something different, you will have access to the content before the online workshop so you will be ready for working through and producing a product you can use in your coursework. Oh, and it is free.

1: Workload Analysis

Have you ever taught a course where you feel like it should 4 credits instead of 3; that should have a lab component, or where some topics are rushed and others seem to drag? You need a workload analysis. As part of your preparation, you need to collect information and be prepared to set up and do your analysis. Together we will build the Sheets  (Excel) for your analysis based on my template.

2: Etivities

Etivities was developed by Gilly Salmon, Professor of Innovation & Transformation and Associate Dean, Online at the University of Liverpool Management School. to add engagement in the online and hybrid course format. As a way to possibly shake things up and catch your students off guard, you will create an invitation to an activity. It will create prep work for them and a plan to get everyone involved. Your preparation includes a current struggling activity or difficult topic you can use to engage your students. Together we will discuss Etivities, how they work and how to develop them.