Blogging and Education


Professors have found many pedagogical applications for blogging as a learning tool. Currently, most of the blogging in coursework is used to synthesize content and develop or strengthen a community of learners. As I work to complete a study on blogging, several novel ideas come to the forefront. In the following examples, students have experienced real-world applications, community bonding, professional growth, and “digital convergence” (Wilder, 2013).

David Miller and Larisa Olesova wanted to incorporate experiential learning activities to teach students majoring in media communication (Miller & Olesova, 2015). The course was called “Media Criticism,” and explained in a presentation at an annual conference for faculty and staff at George Mason University in the fall of 2014.  Their final assignment incorporated a public course blog created by the professor. The students were required to submit a paper for possible publication. The student papers critiqued and peer-reviewed, provided experience with what it would be like to go through the publication process in the real world. Continue reading “Blogging and Education”