Creative Computing Using Scratch

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Creative Computing Using Scratch is an open course developed from The Creative Computing Guide by Karen Brennan, Christan Balch, and Michelle Chung at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They encourage you to document and share your experiences with all of them and other educators at


  • Unit 1: Introduction

    Welcome to Creative Computing with Scratch! The Scratch programming language uses creativity, personalization, sharing, and collaboration to help learners understand the basics of computing in an interactive, learner-centered format. Follow the steps and learn as you create your first animated program.

  • Unit 2

    This unit includes a mix of structured and open-ended activities to engage learners in the exploration of the key concept of sequence – identifying and specifying an ordered series of instructions. This is often a powerful moment for learners: they’re telling the computer what to do, by translating their ideas into blocks of computer code.!! From a step-by-step tutorial to playing with a constrained number of blocks to a debugging challenge, each activity helps learners build the skills needed to create an About Me project. In the culminating project, learners will explore and experiment with sprites, costumes, looks, backdrops, and sounds to create a personalized, interactive collage in Scratch.!


Rebecca Kirstein

Instructional Design Consultant / Developer at Instructional Design Effects, LLC at

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